Recent updates from DGI’s global procurement and supply network.

DGI Grows Hitachi Mining Excavator Product Range


On the front line of most major mining operations globally you can find a Hitachi mining excavator or shovel in action.

Hitachi mining diggers account for one-third of all hydraulic mining excavators working across the world and provide an expanding market for DGI’s dismantling and recycling operations.

Over the past 10 years DGI have processed a wide range of Hitachi machines, particularly the late-model dash-6 range of equipment. More recently, DGI have dismantled EX3600-6 and EX5500 units, reconditioning and redistributing parts and components to service production requirements of the global mining market.

DGI’s expertise in dismantling Hitachi mining excavators supports a growing range of service solutions to minimise downtime for your mining operations.

DGI sources OEM parts and equipment from the most remote places in the world and our website now offers the platform to close the gap further and continue our mission to source anything, anytime, from anywhere in the world.