Cabin Refurbishment


In-house OEM operator cab refurbishment capabilities.

The Cabin


Over the past ten years we’ve refined and developed our processes to truly position ourselves as OEM cabin refurbishment specialists, and we’re proud of this.

Despite the complexities involved in delivering recertified OEM-standard cabins, we are able to define our specialisation by a few key factors: our people, custom facilities and flexibility.

We maintain a high level of flexibility to not only deliver to OEM standards but meet the varied requirements of our customers.

Our knowledgeable team members possess the product and industry experience to work closely with you to develop solutions that meet the tightest production timeframes, to keep you moving forward.

All of our cabin refurbishments utilise quality OEM components and are bound by our rigorous quality control methodology.

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All of DGI’s cabin refurbishments follow a standardised process, aligned with OEM standards.