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DGI Trading to Dismantle Four Caterpillar 797B Trucks in World-First


DGI Trading Australia will soon make history with the recent acquisition of four Caterpillar 797B Trucks to be dismantled and sold as parts; a first for one of Caterpillar’s largest machines, and the largest mechanical drive truck in the world.

The high performing truck, which has proven its ability to deliver high production in the most challenging conditions, is a leader in the 400-ton class.

Due to their weight and size, measuring in at 9.75m wide x 15.70m high, DGI will begin dismantling the mining trucks on-location in Canada, making them the first of their kind to ever be commercially dismantled.

Since 2008 DGI Trading has dismantled more than 180 machines to offer a tailored range of parts to the mining, earthmoving and construction industries.

Making the purchase was Managing Director David Griffin who said that “having been Cat-Dealer maintained, the fleet comes with complete component history and all the upgrades, including one C175-20 engine.”

The impressive procurement follows the recent purchase of six Caterpillar 793C ATY Series Trucks from a Diamond Mine in Africa.

The DGI team has also recently sourced and dismantled a fleet of more than 20 machines; Cat 740B Articulated Trucks and Komatsu 785-7 Rigid Trucks in the Philippines.

“There is high demand for these kinds of used machines and components in Australia and they’re extremely hard to come by; for us, it doesn’t matter where in the world they are,” David said.

DGI Trading leverages a global procurement network to source hard-to-find machines and components for buyers in more than 50 countries worldwide.


+ Target Gross Machine Operating Weight (GMW) 623690.0 kg 1375000.0 lb

+ Gross Power 2983.0 kW 4000.0 HP

+ Overall 9.75m wide x 15.70m high