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Major Reconditioning Project on Liebherr 996B Track Frames


DGI have recently undertaken a major reconditioning project on these 996B Liebherr Track Frames. It’s no mean feat, having taken 8 weeks to complete including non-destructive testing (NDT) and all necessary welding repairs and machining carried out.

Ben Allan, Workshop Supervisor, explains the reconditioning process:

“The 2 x 72 Tonne frames required a massive 50 Tonne dual crane lift. Then we stripped and pressure cleaned then had the OEM carry out an external report before we sandblasted and commenced NDT inspection. From there we completed repairs as per the OEM report and guidelines then final sandblasting and painting. The final stage is to bolt on all carrier and load rollers, track adjusters, idlers, guards and chain guides, then a paint touch up and inspection before transport.”

We are also supplying a complete set of used track pads in excellent condition. The mining company that the frames belong to have their own final drives to be fitted on site.

Managing Director, David Griffin spoke of the significant savings this mining company is making on their capital outlay.

“I believe we are the only company in the world dismantling 996 machines for reconditioning purposes, both face shovel and excavator, which enables us to supply great value on good condition products. The amount of savings this mining company have made by coming to us instead of an OEM dealer is phenomenal.”
DGI pride themselves on their superior quality of work and rigorous testing procedures, with a focus on providing reliable, responsive service of mobile mining products in competitive timeframes.

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