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DGI Secure Surplus Package of D11T Machines

DGI Secure Surplus Package of D11T Machines Image

In a significant global machinery deal last month, DGI are proud to have finalised the purchase of a package consisting of 18 x D11T Tractors within the USA.

These JEL series machines have undergone dealer-certified component replacement at approximately 13,000 hours. With total machine hours now between 26,000 and 28,000 hours per unit, these units are perfect for rebuild or repair options for rental contract or fleet addition.

Each unit has the potential for a range of delivery options and applications, with the following componentry available:

  • Single shank ripper including pin puller
  • Access ladders and walk-ways
  • Dual tilt S/U, U, or coal blade
  • Counter-weigh


“DGI will look to sell 5 or 6 of these machines in situ into the Americas or Canada and bring the rest home to Australia. We then plan to offer these up as running units or rebuilt machines using local rebuild partners” says Chris Chappell, DGI’s General Manager – Operations.

We are consistently travelling the globe in search of major machinery and componentry packages to connect to prospective projects and operations, and this package of D11T machines is a proud achievement for the company’s growing service solutions offering.


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