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How to Correctly Identify Undercarriage Alignment Types


DGI’s specialist team is OEM-trained across Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi and Liebherr product ranges. Coupled with the agility provided by our extensive global network, this competitive advantage allows us to bypass rigorous identification and administrative processes, solving your problems faster and more economically.

One of the most commonly encountered identification shortcuts we use to our advantage is the identification of undercarriage alignment across D9, D10 and D11 R and T model tractors.

D11R/T, D10R/T and D9R/T tractors can be fitted with any of 3 different types of track frames, depending on the time of manufacture and build specifications. The three types are:

  • Straight
  • Toe out
  • Straight camber


Correct track frame alignment lengthens the life of your undercarriage, and there are 3 key identification elements you can use to aid correct alignment for your machine.



Rear Track Roller Frame

Check for identification holes at the cannon mounting area (Figure 1.)

  • No hole in toe frames
  • No hole in straight frames before serial numbers 9TR202 and 9XR154
  • One hole in straight frames after serial numbers 9TR202 and 9XR154
  • Two holes in straight camber frames


Minor Bogies

Check the part number location on the minor bogie (Figure 2.)

  • Bottom part number indicates the left minor bogie of a toe out frame
  • Middle part number indicates the right minor bogie of a toe out frame
  • Top part number indicates a straight minor bogie


Equaliser Bar

Measure the distance between the centrelines of each pin:

  • D11R/T: 2082mm = toe out alignment – 2067.6mm = straight alignment
  • D10R/T: 1831.4mm = toe out alignment – 1820mm = straight alignment
  • D9R/T: 1610.8mm = toe out alignment – 1600mm = straight alignment


For further information about the identification of components or to speal to our Business Development team about service solutions for your operation, contact us.

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Global Sales and Acquisitions Manager


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