Recent updates from DGI’s global procurement and supply network.

793C Rebuild and Relocation: The Story Thus Far


Over the past few months we’ve been providing progressive updates on the cross-continental purchase, dismantling, shipping and rebuild of multiple Caterpillar 793C trucks, beginning in a Botswanan diamond mine.

Initially broken down into transportable units, the trucks were shipped outward via the Port of Durban and received into the USA via the Port of Houston. Road freighted north into Canada, the machines arrived into Acheson, Alberta where they are currently being rebuilt.

Upon completion and testing of these fully rebuilt machines, they will again be broken down and transported into a holding facility in Yellowknife in early 2020. Upon receiving approval to proceed through ice roads into the arctic circle, these machines will arrive and be put to work at a diamond mine in the Arctic Circle.

DGI Trading Australia are proud to be facilitating this major global logistic project, working closely with our partners FreightPlus, Afriguide Logistics, NACG and Brake Supply to deliver a successful end result for our client.

We are excited to be documenting this entire project end-to-end, and look forward to sharing this video production in early 2020.