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MEDIA RELEASE: DGI Australia Experiencing Growth


DGI Trading Australia (DGI Trading (AUST) Pty Limited) has recently been informed of a claim of financial hardship involving the DGI Trading USA business. This current financial situation has no bearing on or affiliation with DGI Trading Australia in any capacity.

In May 2017 DGI Trading Australia divested their USA operations, creating a standalone operating entity (DGI Trading USA) which included access to the DGI Trading brand rights in this sale process.

It must be clarified that these two entities are separate, unaffiliated businesses, only associated by legacy branding rights.

It’s very unfortunate that DGI Trading USA are in this position and we wish the business all the best in resolving these matters in a timely manner with minimal impact.

DGI Trading Australia continue to experience growth across the board in major global mining equipment markets and look forward to continuing to grow their commercially sound trading platform.

For further information of clarification of this matter please do not hesitate to contact myself directly on +61 488 793 777.


David Griffin
Managing Director

DGI Trading (AUST) Pty Limited