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Component ID Guide – Upgrading Caterpillar Truck Cabs


Each month we share tips on how to quickly and accurately identify or upgrade major Caterpillar components. This month, we explain the similarities and differences between various truck cab groups.

Is it not-so common knowledge that 785C (all serials), 789C (all serials) and 793C (4GZ and ATY serials) cab groups feature a range of similarities. These models contain the following constants:

  • Cab shell
  • Doors
  • Glass
  • Heater boxes
  • Trims
  • Wiring
  • Air system

With the correct modification and installation procedures, internals can be matched to make either of these cabs work within the above model range.

For B model trucks, there are also similarities which allow for cross-model modification and upgrade. Some 785B, 789B and 793B cab groups share the same shell and internals as above, but other factors come into play across all models. For example, VIMS and EMS installation is inconsistent across these models.

DGI specialise in sourcing, rebuilding and distributing Caterpillar operator cabs. Our dedicated on-site facilities and OEM-trained specialist team give us a competitive advantage, allowing us to bypass rigorous identification and administrative processes, solving your problems faster and more economically.