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Component ID Guide – Upgrading Caterpillar 994 Loader Final Drives


This ongoing component guide series outlines how to quickly and accurately identify or upgrade major OEM components.

Considering Caterpillar’s global design and engineering team capabilities, it’s unique that in over 30 years of technological evolution, a 1990 model 994A final drive still fits a 2020 model 994F/H with some relatively minor modifications.

Combined with the correct modification and installation procedures, the following modifications are required to upgrade a 994A final drive:

  • The inclusion of an additional reduction gear within the inner circle
  • Updating the inner planetary carrier from a 3 gear to 4 gear carrier
  • Updated bearings
  • Updated other smaller gears


With these and various other minor modifications, a 994A final drive is easily suitable for later model units.

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