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Component Guide: Upgrading Caterpillar Scraper Components


DGI Australia’s ongoing component guide outlines how to quickly and accurately identify or upgrade major Caterpillar components.

This month we focus on relatively minor modifications and upgrades that can be made across a range of Caterpillar Wheel-Tractor Scrapers, to bring earlier model components up to spec with commonly utilised G series units.



Across E series 623, 637 and 657 machines, both front and rear transmissions can be updated to suit G series machines with some the correct changes. Whereas some models are as simple as minor valve changes, other models may require more extensive modification.

For example, when comparing a 623E to a 623G transmission, the following components require upgrading:

  • Control group transmission
  • Gear and case group transfer
  • Planetary group transmission
  • Sensor group speed
  • Torque convertor group



Aligned with the same models as above, the following bearing modifications will adapt these differentials to G Series units:

  • 623E and 623G front differentials feature exactly the same part number
  • 637E rear differentials suit a 637G in the AWE and AYN series models
  • 657E and 657G rear differentials with the part number 6G-3570 are exactly the same
  • 657E and 657G front differentials are the same unless featured within the DXG and GRS models.



Across a wide range of scraper cylinders, Caterpillar seem to have ran with the proven design of their earlier D and E series machines. For example, in the 623E model scraper, the bowl, eject and steer cylinders are all the same as found in the G series unit. Floor cylinders require more extensive modification with a different rod battel featured in each model.

Combined with the correct modification and installation procedures, all of the upgrades outlined here can be easily achieved to sustainably achieve economical longevity from earlier-model components.

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