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OPINION: Choosing Standard Life vs Extended Life Brakes


When ordering a Caterpillar 793D or new 793F off-highway truck, you are faced with 2 options when it comes to choosing brakes: either the standard or Extended Life Brake System. The Extended Life System is approximately $500,000 extra when ordering a new machine, so what are the benefits of choosing this upgrade?

Caterpillar’s design team have developed a system whereby adding a second oil-to-water cooler for brake oil, a second water pump in the brake-cooling system and larger-diameter cooling lines, these machines are offered continuous filtering of the rear axle, longer life filters and Extended Life Wheel Stations.

Extended Life wheel stations now include larger spindles, new paddle type wheel hubs, wider wheel bearing spacing, a larger braking surface and additional discs in the front for longer brake life. Developed for uphill hauling applications, this arrangement is designed to extend both wheel life and hauling performance on long, uphill hauls.

Additional to uphill haulage benefits, a retarding capability of 25 percent more speed on downhill grades can be achieved when running the Extended Life System.

So really, the application should determine this purchase decision, or at least should you consider the possibility of fleet commonality in upgrading your machines?

For example, earlier model 793C trucks contain many components that will upgrade straight into the new 793F trucks. Due to these similarities, is evidently favourable to be still running these earlier model 793C model trucks within global mining operations. This can be exemplified in our latest case study video, documenting a deal where we sourced multiple 793C units from a diamond mine in Botswana for rebuild and remarketing into North America.

What is your personal experience and preference with running Extended Life Brakes within your fleet? Have the benefits and cost savings in making this investment been realised? Let us know in the comments section of our social channels.


Ben Woods
Global Sales and Procurement Manager
DGI Trading Australia