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Component Guide: Upgrading Caterpillar D11R Bevel Gear and Transfer Housing


DGI Australia’s ongoing component guide series outlines how to quickly and accurately identify or upgrade major OEM components.

This month, we’re highlighting how to easily and effectively modify a Caterpillar D11R bevel gear and transfer housing to suit the later-model D11T machine.

There are a range of bevel gear and transfer housing components featured across Caterpillar D11R serial variants. In the 7PZ model, the most commonly found bevel gear and transfer housing is the 183-2292.

The 183-2292 can be modified to suit a D11T with the following relatively minor modification works:

Modifying the 183-2272 Bevel Gear and Transfer Housing

The 183-2272 Bevel and Transfer Gear has now been superseded by the 304-1817 Bevel and Transfer Gear in the D11T machine, however by removing the orifice 125-3942 pipe plug inside the bevel gear and transfer housing, it will now suit the D11T model.

We acknowledge there are various other options available across different serials (such as 9TR) which can require further modification works to other areas such as the bearing cage.

DGI specialises in sourcing and distributing Caterpillar D11R and D11T dozer components internationally. We are consistently identifying ways to minimise operating costs and maximise the output of our clients’ mining and construction machinery fleets.

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