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Component Guide – Upgrading Caterpillar 994 Final Drives to Suit Late Models


DGI’s component guide series offers insights into how to identify and upgrade major OEM components to reduce downtime and operating costs. This month, we discuss the differences and relatively simple upgrades that can be applied to spec up 994A final drives to suit later model equipment.

Caterpillar 994A final drives can be updated to fit a 994F or 994H through relatively minor modifications. Newer model 994 machines have moved from a 3-gear carrier to a 4-gear carrier, which is evident within the 8R4204 wheel group updating to a 137-3505 wheel group via the updated inner planetary carrier.

The addition of this extra gear reduces wear and failure of the inner ring gear and provides extended service life.

Additional to this, Caterpillar have continued updates within the 994F and 994H final drives, with the addition of a new duo-cone seal.

The new improved duo-cone seal will provide extended service life and reduce leaks.

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DGI’s component guides outline component remarketing possibilities, and any modification works should always be implemented as per manufacturer specifications.