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Component Guide: Interchangeabilty of Mining Excavator Swing Transmissions.


DGI’s component guide series offers insights into how to identify and upgrade major OEM components to reduce downtime and operating costs. This month, we discuss the interchangeability between mining excavator swing transmissions across various mining excavator manufacturer product lines.

Swing transmissions or slew transmissions (commonly known as slew boxes or slew drives), play a major role in the functionality and productivity of a mining excavator.

The role of a slew box is to swivel the upper structure of an excavator from the lower structure through a bearing which is driven by slew boxes, allowing the excavator to effectively pass and load trucks for material transport.

When mining productivity is increasingly reliant on the efficiencies of equipment’s ability to maximise output, understanding the ability to recover unplanned downtime is more critical than ever.

Different OEMs, similar operating principles

While equipment from the varying major OEMs have unique features and technologies, the operating principals of these machines are similar.

As the size and output of a mining excavator increases, generally the number of similar slew boxes required to drive the machine’s slewing increases too.

Below we’ve compiled a list of common mining excavator models, and the number of slew boxes utilised.

For instance, Hitachi EX3600-6 operates 4 x slew boxes, whereas the EX8000 runs 6 of the same component.


  • EX3600-6 operates 4 x slew boxes
  • EX8000 operates 6 x slew boxes



  • O&K RH120E / Caterpillar 6030 operates 2 x slew boxes
  • O&K RH170 / Caterpillar 6040 operates 3 x slew boxes
  • O&K RH340 / Caterpillar 6060 operates 4 x slew boxes
  • O&K RH400 / Caterpillar 6090 operates 6 x slew boxes



  • Liebherr R984C operates 1 x slew boxes
  • Liebherr R9350 / Liebherr R9400 operates 2 x slew boxes
  • Liebherr R996 operates 4 x slew boxes


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