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DGI Trading Acquires Major Package of Late Model Caterpillar Equipment.


DGI Trading is pleased to announce the finalisation of a major machinery acquisition deal, comprising of late model Caterpillar machinery sourced from multiple global locations.

In another first for DGI Trading, contained within this equipment package are the first 4 x 793F trucks to be commercially dismantled for component remarketing in the world.


Consisting of 28 units in total, this package features late model equipment inclusive of trucks, graders, and a dozer. These machines have been purchased for the purpose of component remarketing and will be arriving soon to commence the dismantling process.

This package includes:

  • 14 x Caterpillar 797 Trucks
  • 4 x Caterpillar 793F Trucks
  • 3 x Caterpillar 16M Graders
  • 3 x Caterpillar D11R Dozers
  • 2 x Caterpillar 24H Graders
  • 1 x Caterpillar 785C Truck
  • 1 x Caterpillar D10T Dozer


DGI specialises in the sourcing and remarketing of late model OEM mining equipment components that support the continuity of global mining operational demand.

All major components from this package are currently available. For comprehensive component pricing and information, please contact our sales team.

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