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COMPONENT GUIDE: Upgrading a 24H Front Axle to Suit 24M Graders


DGI’s component guide series outlines how to quickly and accurately identify or upgrade major OEM components.

This month, we’re highlighting how to effectively upgrade a Caterpillar 24H front axle to suit the later model 24M machine.

The Caterpillar 24H Grader, first released in 1996 remains a key tool in the open cut mining industry today. With the Caterpillar 24M Grader a decade later, Caterpillar have implemented a range of mechanical and technologic upgrades designed to increase service life and productivity.

One of several major technical upgrades between Caterpillar 24H and 24M graders is the addition of new cylinders, which have now added position sensing capability to the front axle.

Combining minor fabrication works and utilising the 265-4177 and 265-4209 Service Tool Groups, sensors can be installed to convert standard cylinders to positioning sensing cylinders.

These sensors send positioning data to the ECM, communicating the wheel position to the in-cab monitor, providing the operator with more accurate GPS information and operation.

Another update from 24H to 24M is wheel lean bar. The upgraded wheel lean bar is longer and stronger, resulting in a longer service life.

These are just two of several upgrades between the 24H and 24M front axle, designed to improve the life and performance of your Caterpillar grader.

One major notable addition which has just been released within the 24M is the new CAT high performance circle:

Where this is now being utilised effectively in the larger 24M Grader on open cut mine sites, do you think this technology will be rolled out across the whole Caterpillar grader range?

With Caterpillar set to raise the price of their parts in Australia with a 12.4% blanket rise in January 2023 due to inflationary pressures, upgrading and remarketing components to lower operational costs makes more sense than ever.

DGI specialises in sourcing and distributing Caterpillar 24H and 24M grader components internationally. We are consistently identifying ways to minimise operating costs and maximise the output of our clients’ mining and construction machinery fleets.

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