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Component Guide: Wet and Dry Brake Application in Caterpillar 777 Trucks.


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This month, we’re highlighting the key differences between wet and dry brake application in Caterpillar 777 trucks.

The Caterpillar 777 truck uses wet disc brakes on the rear wheels with an option of wet or dry disc brakes on the front wheels. The application of this option often depends on the intended equipment usage, for example; within water cart applications, or under varying operating gradients. The main difference between wet and dry brakes is the presence or absence of a lubricant or cooling fluid.

Wet disc brakes use oil or other liquid as a lubricant and coolant, which helps to dissipate heat and prevent the brake pads and discs from overheating during use. The wet brake system is enclosed in a housing and the brake discs are constantly bathed in oil, which helps to keep them cool and lubricated. Wet disc brakes are commonly used on trucks that require a lot of stopping power, such as water carts.









777 Front Wheel Featuring Wet Brake

Dry brakes, on the other hand, do not use any lubricant or coolant and rely on air or other gases to dissipate heat. Dry brakes are not as effective as wet brakes in high-stress situations because they tend to overheat more quickly. Dry brakes are usually more simple and cost-effective than wet brakes and require less maintenance.

777 Front Wheel Featuring Dry Brake

In summary, the main difference between wet and dry brakes is the presence or absence of a lubricant or cooling fluid. Wet brakes use liquid to cool and lubricate the braking system while dry brakes rely on air or gas. The type of braking system used depends on the truck’s intended use and the level of stopping power required.

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