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Component Identification Guide – D11 Final Drives


DGI’s specialist team is OEM-trained across the Caterpillar product range. This competitive advantage allows us to bypass rigorous identification and administrative processes, solving your problems faster and more economically.

Recently we shared tips on how to quickly and accurately identify dozer undercarriage alignment types. This month, we explain the difference between recent upgrades to Caterpillar D11 final drives.

Firstly, you should assess and identify your requirements for the precise application, such as high corrosion, hot or cold running conditions or site-specific details.

The early model 176-1236 is a direct update, can fit newer model machines and get the same life. However, the 343-5375 has a swag of updated features to be aware of:

  • New Planetary carrier, allowing 22L extra oil capacity;
  • 180 degrees labyrinth seal to prevent corrosion on the top half;
  • New planetary and sun gears used with isotropic finishing to improve life span;
  • Larger bearings, having a greater OD on bearings to improve life span;
  • Duo-cone is made of a new material to improve life span;
  • Spindle and reaction hub feature a coarse pitch spline to reduce wear.


You would start to think that with these sorts of updates, we should be pushing higher hours out of components?

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Ben Woods
Global Sales and Acquisition Manager